Our Team

The White Oak Team is ready to help you

From the gun counter to the front desk, our team wants to help make your gun buying experience as easy as possible. Our sales team will help you pick the firearm or product that best suits your needs and our front desk staff will do the electronic 4473 for you! Come on in! We can’t wait to see you!

Our Front Desk Girls

Our front desk girls are ready to do your background check and check you out whenever you decide which gun to buy!

Our Weekday Sales

Andy and Josh are here during the week and will help you pick which gun or products are right for you!

Our Weekend Sales

If you come in during the weekend, Will and Chris will be here to help you decide which gun will fit you best!

Our Owner

Todd Randolph is the owner of our wonderful store. As a Cleveland native, he saw how gun stores in the area were treating their customers so he opened his own store to be the kind of store he would want to shop in. In White Oak Armory, everyone is treated like family, Todd makes sure of that!